Who asked?

Who asked?

Finding the theorem to who ever asked

Oct 23, 2021·

1 min read

Who asked?

This is the most common yet difficult to awnser, but no worries, today we will find out who asked using math!

Using the calculation of the Ethereum and the perpendicularity using the Pythagoras theorem, we can find who the fuck asked. It's really simple if you know what you're doing.

First we need to calculate and put who asked into a calculator board

We don't know who asked, so It's an Imaginary. \[ Who asked = Imaginary \] And Imaginary can mean the square root of -1 \[ Who asked = \sqrt{-1} \] And who square root of -1 is also known as \[ Who asked = \sqrt{-1} \Leftrightarrow i \] I mean Me, I a common English word use to say I therefore, the question of who asked is

I asked.